Nick Humphries

Curious earthling

curious earthling

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Quick facts

Pronouns*: He and/or they
Profession: Tech and creative freelancer
Practices: Photography, writing, tech, and activism (for lack of a better word)
Passion: Exploring ideas, topics, and issues related to politics, culture, technology, and nature.

Personal mission

I strive to live simply, intentionally, and curiously for the purposes of maximizing personal and creative avocations, overall well-being, and social/environmental contribution while balancing personal autonomy with financial obligations.


I'm originally from Southern California but moved to Tucson, Arizona in 2011, Flagstaff, Arizona in 2014, then to San Francisco in 2018. In between I've served with AmeriCorps NCCC, FEMA Corps, and Southwest Conservation Corps (now Arizona Conservation Corps).

I also went to Northern Arizona University (NAU) to study the intersections of photography, journalism, and social/environmental justice. I also worked as a video production assistant for NAU's ELC Creative Design Group and also as a staff photographer, photo editor, web content director, and web chief for The Lumberjack student newspaper.

Currently I live in San Francisco to focus my energy on personal goals and various freelance and creative work opportunities.


Oh, hi there fellow earthling. You're still here? Well, I'm glad you're curious, too, but there's nothing here yet. Go back, perhaps?

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I'm [occasionally] working on redoing my photoblog so it's unavailable until further notice.



Existence is a motion
Blazing through the darkness
A wresting power in the soul
To disturb thy frigid breaths