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nick humphries is a creative and tech professional based out of San Francisco, California. Nick (they/he) is active in many fields, including photography, writing, information technology, and building things.

nick humphries

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nick humphries

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My creative avocations and commissioned services (paid work) involve mostly cameras, keyboards, cables, and skilled labor (building things)I enjoy exploring ideas, topics, and issues surrounding culture, politics, technology, and nature, mainly through writingI'm perpetually balancing personal autonomy and financial obligationsI use he and/or they pronouns (or vice versa)

Oh, hi there fellow earthling. You're still here? Well, I'm glad you're curious, too, but there's nothing here yet. Go back, perhaps?

Email --> nickhumphries+deletethis [at] protonmail [.] ch
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Mobile: bb47d90a9f19b966cb44e7660f6d88d24f1cf7fcc65a12209895023dd5097941
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Nick is [occasionally] working on redoing their photoblog so it's unavailable until further notice.

Nick's blog is currently unavailable. Alternatively you can check out their tweets...a.k.a. rants... (and mostly retweets) on Twitter.

nick humphries


Nick uses they and he pronouns interchangeably, though they almost prefer they pronouns more than he pronouns.

If you are confused about pronouns and/or gendered language, please refer to the links referenced below.

What Are Pronouns? Why Do They Matter?PronounsThey/Them PronounsHe/Him PronounsGender neutral language (all languages)Gender neutral language in English



Existence is a motion
Blazing through the darkness
A wresting power in the soul
To disturb thy frigid breaths

nick humphries


Current availability:
I am available for local, domestic, or international projects and general opportunities. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Photo licensing:
I am somewhat unconventional in that I do allow personal or non-commercial use* of my non-commissioned photos unless otherwise noted. Essentially, much of my work falls under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license.

If you have any questions about this or if you wish to use any of my non-commissioned photos for commercial purposes, do contact me first.

* i.e. you shouldn't be making money from my work without my consent.

nick humphries